Healthy Hedonism: 5 Sweet Snacks I Love

Healthy Hedonism: 5 Sweet Snacks I Love

Cravings happen to all of us. I don’t understand people who say they don’t crave a sweet treat every now and again – WHO EVEN ARE YOU?! A little sweet treat here and there makes food a joyful experience, to be savoured and shared with friends, or enjoyed solo with a healthy hot chocolate for dessert.

Here’s my current go-to when sweet cravings kick – without the guilt of a sugary chocolate bar! Just note that as it’s Easter, I totally admitted to eating a Lindt Bunny for lunch – full sugar, milk chocolate bunny – with zero regrets. It’s all about balance baby!

1. Coated Almonds

Sometimes raw nuts just don’t hit the spot. We all know almonds are packed with healthy fat, fibre and protein, so why not try some yoghurt coated ones when you need a healthy, sweet snack? I LOVE the new ‘Dipped + Dusted’ range from Shelby’s. The Rasberry Dark Chocolate and Matcha Yoghurt Almonds (made with ceremonial grade matcha sourced from Kyoto) are my absolute favourite. Best of all? They have no refined sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols!

2. Progurt

Greek yoghurt + protein powder = progurt. Amazing if you’re super hungry and really need to amp up your protein intake. If you’re dairy free, try it with coyo or soy yoghurt and your favourite vegan protein. I usually go for traditional chocolate with 1/2 tsp raw cacao for that extra chocolatey kick.

3. Snack or Protein Bars

There are so many natural snack bars on the market now – the choice is yours! Make sure you avoid added sugar, fillers, preservatives and sugar alcohols (anything ending in -ol, like malitol). My ultimate indulgence is THIS Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate + Coconut Bar. They also have 10g of protein!

4. Berries

If you’ve ever visited Australia (or are lucky enough to live here!) you’ll know the berries here are NEXT LEVEL. They’re so juicy and flavourful – I always have stacks of them in my fridge and grab a handful when I’m not super hungry but just need that sweet kick in my mouth.

5. Healthy Hot Chocolate

I have one of these after dinner every single night. I’m such a creature of habit. I think having ‘pudding’ every night growing up in the UK is to blame for me needing after-dinner sweet somethings. Instead of tucking into Jam Roly Poly, I heat up 200ml of almond milk and a whisk in a few tsp of stevia chocolate drinking powder. YUM.

What are some of your favourite healthy sweet snacks? Help your fellow sisters out and leave a comment below!

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